Last Party

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So here is the last poster of the season, and tonight is -almost- the last party.



Last Sat.

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Hamster on Twix

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So, tomorrow if you’re in Bologna don’t miss my dear Tropical Clash, here is the poster I did for the event:

But! I won’t be in Bologna! Because Teira is going to Udine for Senza Fili Festival. Lots of other worthy people are going to be there, our table-companion La Trama, MP5, Ernest and many others. If you happend to be in the area, come to say hello!


Lassù il poster per la serata Tropical Clash di domani, io però non ci sarò, perchè questo weekend Teiera va a Udine per Senza Fili Fetsival, con noi ci saranno atnti bravi amiconi: La Trama, Ernest MP5 e via dicendo.


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Ghostpoet tonight, if you’re intrested: http://www.facebook.com/events/287174504688292/?ref=ts

E Comunque Ieri era Sabato Sera

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Last Week Update

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Well, I’m a bit late with it, but here are last week images for Locomotiv Club. Together with the usual poster,  I was asked to desgin four 1 and half meter-high imaginary creatures for the club setup. The inspiratrion for the event was “Where the Wild Things are”, so the poster is some kind of introduction, the habitat visualization let’s say, and inside you had the population, the people and these strange animals.

Every Saturday night

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A Tropical Clash / Funk Raising

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Locomotiv Club is actually closed tonight because of the weather, it’s still snowing in Bologna, and we have like, I don’t know 60 cm of snow, maybe more.

Also for the next 2 weeks A Tropical Clash will be curated by Betty Books and Alive Lab, so I will have a break and start again at the end of the month.




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It’s Art First period, which means Art Fair, White nights and plenty of art-related events! So here is my white city with a tropical twist. And you should go there tonight, Alva Noto worths the pain, any kind of pain.



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Starsera questo:

Domani sera invece c’è la mostra del Calendisco, con tutti i lavori del calendisco e anche il calendisco che si può ascoltare in cuffia. qui. Io com’è noto ho fatto l’illiustrazione di Aprile per Lo Stato Sociale.

Martedì sera invece ci sarà una piccola mostra del Kamasutrino che ho fatto per Teiera da Osvaldo in via del Pratello 96/A. Siateci pure lì. Si faranno anche acquisti.