Last Party

Posted in WORKS by sarah on aprile 28, 2012

So here is the last poster of the season, and tonight is -almost- the last party.



Walfare Pop Reedit

Posted in WORKS by sarah on aprile 25, 2012

So, today is the 25th of April, and in Italy we celebrate the end of nazi-fascist occupation and also the end of second world war. It’s an important day for our Republic, and Garrincha Dischi decided to launch in this occasion the reedition of Walfare Pop, the first album by Lo Stato Sociale, originally released in 2009.

The artwork is still the one I did in 2009, but with a new graphic design curated by Marcello Petruzzi for Garrincha Dischi.

The album contains two bonus track, and you can listen to it here and preorder it here.

Just to let you know, today, if you’re in Bologna, you’re supposed to barbeque everything you find in your fridge and eat it outside with your friends while some hippie/Spanish dressed guy you found on your way plays the guitar. I’m not that into that stuff : )


Buondì, oggi, 25 Aprile, Festa della Liberazione, Garrincha Dischi lancia la reedizione di Walfare Pop, de Lo Stato Sociale, originariamente uscito nel 2009.

L’artwork è sempre quello che ho fatto io 3 anni fa, ma con una nuova veste grafica curata da Marcello Petruzzi per Garrincha Dischi. Che ci piace.

Ci sono anche due bonus track, ascoltatelo qui e compratelo qui.

Last Sat.

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Hamster on Twix

Posted in WORKS by sarah on aprile 13, 2012

So, tomorrow if you’re in Bologna don’t miss my dear Tropical Clash, here is the poster I did for the event:

But! I won’t be in Bologna! Because Teira is going to Udine for Senza Fili Festival. Lots of other worthy people are going to be there, our table-companion La Trama, MP5, Ernest and many others. If you happend to be in the area, come to say hello!


Lassù il poster per la serata Tropical Clash di domani, io però non ci sarò, perchè questo weekend Teiera va a Udine per Senza Fili Fetsival, con noi ci saranno atnti bravi amiconi: La Trama, Ernest MP5 e via dicendo.