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BACCANO making of

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I’m working on BACCANO, my exhibition for BilBOlbul. international comic festival I care alot about the mouting part, I think it is – or it should be – a creative and well planned act itself – so I’m kinda nervous and anxious these days, come after March the 4th for rational talk : )

Here is the info (it opens this Sat)


Every Saturday night

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Fludd Interview

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A couple of months ago I got the chance to meet the Fludders, the guys from Studio Fludd, a Venice based collective that does these beautiful things. We met for Miss you Santa, a Christmas market organized at Capodilucca, in Bologna, and as I love the their jawels, I asked if they wanted to swap, and they did! So I gave one of my Notre fil Rouge silkscreen prints, and got this electric blue necklace. This is to say that I answered their “alphabetical” interview, and it’s online in Italian and English! here.


Un paio di mesi fa al mercatino natalizio organizzato a Capodilucca – Bologna – ho finalmente incontrato dal vivo i ragazzi di Studio Fludd, un collettivo veneziano che fa queste bellissime cose. Abbiamo chiaccherato un po’, e siccome mi piacciono molto i loro gioielli – e ciò già è degno di nota visto che non ne indosso mai – gli ho proposto uno scambio stampa serigrafata vs questa collana blu elettrico. Tutto ciò per dire che ho risposto alla Fludd interview, e che è online, qui!

Magnificent 7 versus Annus Horribilis

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I’m proud to be part of “Magnificent 7 versus Annus Horribilis“, collective exhibition of illustrators at Santeria – Milano. It will inaugurate tomorrow at 6.30 pm, and the seven artists involved are: me, Emiliano Ponzi, Miss Goffetown, Daniel Frost, Giordano Poloni, Werther and E.L.


Domani al Santeria – Milano – inaugura “Magnificent 7 versus Annus Horribilis“, ovvero mostra bella di illustratori meritevoli, siamo: io, Emiliano Ponzi, Miss Goffeltown, Daniel Frost, Giordano Poloni, Werther e E.L.

Il Santeria è in via Ettore Paladini 8, e l’inaugurazione alle 18.30

Fra parentesi, sono molto contenta di tutto ciò, e questo è l’invito:

A Tropical Clash / Funk Raising

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Locomotiv Club is actually closed tonight because of the weather, it’s still snowing in Bologna, and we have like, I don’t know 60 cm of snow, maybe more.

Also for the next 2 weeks A Tropical Clash will be curated by Betty Books and Alive Lab, so I will have a break and start again at the end of the month.



About Snow and Cats

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It’s been snowing a lot in Northern Italy in the last 24 hours, everything is buried under the snow, cities are stuck and black cats have turned white : )

Traduzione: Oh, ma nevica!